Is there a fee to be a consignor?
Yes, there is a $10 fee for each consignor. Each consignor is limited to 100 items.

I don’t have 100 items, do I still have to pay the $10?
Yes, every consignor regardless if they have a total of 100 items is required to pay the fee.

What if I have more than 100 items I want to sell?
Until the sale has reached its maximum number of consignors, you can purchase more than 1 consignor number, which will allow for more items to be sold.

What items are acceptable?
Spring and Summer adult men and women’s clothing items including, but not limited to: blouses, sweaters, shirts, pants, scrubs, maternity, dresses, purses and shoes. Some home decor items will be permitted such as: lamps, picture frames, kitchen and bathroom decor.  If you have an item you feel will be suitable, but are unsure if it is allowed feel free to message us at Newtoyouconsignmentsale@gmail.com.
Will there be presale tickets?

Yes, you can purchase a presale ticket on March 25, 2021 at the door for $10.  Located at the Boone building.

Will there be shopping carts available at the sale?

Yes, we have large carts for $2 to rent at the main entrance of the Boone building.

How quickly will I get my check after the sale?

Checks will be mailed out within 1-2 weeks from the last day of the sale. (March 28th, 2021)

When and where am I supposed to drop off my items?

Choose one of the time slots available once you have registered to be a consignor. The date for drop off is ONLY on March 24, 2021 with time slots ranging from 9am-7pm.

Do I get to shop early if I am a consignor?

Absolutely, one of the biggest benefits of being a consignor is that you get to shop before the public!  Get the chance to get the best items and the best deals before the public.

How do I tag my items?

Follow the how it works part of our webpage.  It gives you a step by step on how to begin the process. Place all tags on the left side of the clothing with the hanger in the shape of a question mark. ? This allows for shoppers to easily see the item and the price of it.

Do I have to provide my own hangers?

Yes, there are some dry cleaner locations that set aside hangers that they do not need anymore.  Call first to see if they have any to set aside.

Is there a 50% off day at the sale?

Yes, Sunday March 28th there will be many items marked "reduced' on their tag.  So take an additional 50% off the marked price. Hours are 9am-3pm on this day.

What if I want to donate my items?

Such a great idea!  We will be donating to local charities all items that are marked to be donated. Please email Newtoyouconsignmentsale@gmail.com if you have any local charities you would love to share with us.