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Men's, Women's, and Junior clothing Items Now Accepted!

     Spring & Summer Savings

Who we are

My name is Shalin Mellen. I live in Weaverville, NC with my husband, my three babies, and my sweetheart puppy, Oona. I was looking for somewhere to sell the nice things I’ve accumulated over the years that I just don’t use anymore. I also wanted a place to find new things, at least new to me, for a great price. When I couldn’t find this place, I decided I would forge it myself. I knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for this place, right?
Unsold items that are marked for donation will be donated to some local charities. If you know of any local charities that could use adult clothing items, please let us know! Our goal is to help locals shop and sell for a great price, and to give back to our community.
So if you have any charities to recommend, please email us at
We can’t wait to meet you!

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What we do

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If you are interested in selling gently used adult clothing items, home decor, and other miscellaneous merchandise, where you will take home 70% of the proceeds sold, then New to You Consignment Sale is for you.
If you want to fill your home and your closet with some new to you items for a great deal, New to You Consignment Sale is for you.
We accept gently used fall and winter adult clothing and home decor.

New to You Consignment Sale keeps 30% of proceeds earned, which means you take home 70%!
Our sale will be open to the public for FREE March 18th-20th, 2022.
Attention bargain shoppers!
On the last day of our sale, Sunday, March 20th, 2022, select items will be marked 50% off the original price. You do not want to miss these amazing deals!

How It Works

Each consignor pays a fee of $10. This will be docked from the check that is mailed out to each consignor after the sale.
(Note: Checks will be mailed out within 14 days after the conclusion of the sale.)

Click on our link to become a consignor.
Once you register, you will receive a set “Consignor Number”.
This will be your number for this sale and future sales. Once registered, you’ll be able to login and begin entering items you would like to consign. Each consignor will have 100 item limit, and a limit of 10 pairs of shoes.

Click “Menu” - “work with consigned inventory”- “add items” You then can begin to “add new” items to your list. Pretty simple!
Once you have completed entering all the items you wish to sell, you can print your tags.

Please print on card stock.

(This is more durable and more likely to stay securely on your items.)
Please safety pin your tags to your clothing on the top left of the item with the hanger in the shape of a question mark (?).
This allows all the items to be facing the same way and makes the shopping experience for everyone go smoothly.
Please securely tape the tag to any home decor items being sold. Shoes must be zip tied together so they are not separated.

Again please make sure your tags are secured to your items!

The dates of our next sale are down below with the specifics of when and where to drop off your items to sell. We will be holding our sale at the WNC AG CENTER- which is a 5000 square-foot building. Go to our contact page for the address!

Hanging instructions


Our goal is to be as size inclusive as possible!

This sale is for Spring and Summer items. Men's, women's and now offering JUNIOR clothing items.
Business attire, work out clothing, scrubs, pajamas, maternity clothes, ties, belts, shoes, and other accessories will all be there!  

(Note: there will be a limit of 10 shoes per each consignee.) 

Home decor includes, but is not limited to: lamps, small rugs, kitchen and bathroom decor.  
Purses, handbags, books and movies are also welcome.

If you are unsure that an item you have is appropriate for the sale, just send an inquiry to and we will let you know! 

There really is something for everyone!!

2022 Sale dates & times:
March 17, 2022
between 12pm-4pm is Consignor drop off only. 
Please choose a drop off time once you are registered, so we can run efficiently for checking items in and placed on the floor.

March 18th-20th is open to the public for FREE.

March 20th
select items will be marked 50% off asking price.

March 20th- All items must be picked up that are not going to be donated between 4pm-7pm.

Any items that are not picked up during that time will be donated to the local charities.
If you are unable to pick up your items during the time slot available.
 Please designate someone to do so for you.

New To You
We are limited to 300 consigners this sale
So sign up ASAP!